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Below you will find some links which provide more information about the Tissue Industry.



RISI is the best positioned and most authoritative global source of forest products information and data. We have a comprehensive digital offering which helps provide understanding and insight for our expanding customer base in this growing market.
With over 150 expert industry professionals on our team, we supply the world's most comprehensive and current data on supply and demand, pricing and costs to customers around the globe. 

CEPI - The Confederation of European Paper Industries

It is a Brussels-based non-profit-making organisation regrouping the European pulp and paper industry and championing this industry’s achievements and the benefits of its products. Its collective expertise provides a unique source of information both for and on the industry, coordinating essential exchanges of experience and knowledge among its members while providing technical assistance to legislators. Through its 18 member countries (17 EU members plus Norway) CEPI represents some 515 pulp, paper and board producing companies across Europe, ranging from small and medium sized companies to multi-nationals, and 950 paper mills. Together they represent 23% of world production. 

EUROPULP - Federation of the National Associations of Pulp Agents in Western Europe

Europulp is the Federation of the National Associations of Pulp Agents in Western Europe and as such it represents most of the pulp agents in the biggest market pulp area in the world with members in Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Spain, Portugal, the UK and Turkey.
Conservatively Europulp’s members cover more than 75% of the European Market or just under 40% of the world’s market pulp business. It represents Independent Agents and Local Sales Offices of the major pulp and paper companies with outlets in Europe. Europulp meets the needs of both types of agent and of their principals. 

ETS - The European Tissue Symposium

The European Tissue Symposium (ETS) is a trade association of the European tissue paper industry, organized as a non-profit association under the Belgian law and established in the International and European Union environment of Brussels, Belgium. Its members represent the majority of the tissue production throughout the EU.

The objectives of ETS are:
o To monitor topics, events and developments which are of importance to the European tissue paper industry.
o To inform and advise the members of these events and developments.
o To research and develop issues and policies which have an impact on the tissue industry and to develop a greater understanding of the sector and its products. This includes the collection of technical and scientific information and the ordering of studies.
o Ancillary to these main activities, to liaison with other non-governmental associations, including industry trade associations, as well as with European and international institutions and authorities. 



In 1915, thirty enterprising papermakers gathered together determined to form a new technical arm of the American Paper & Pulp Association (APPA). Their idea was to gather and disseminate information concerning matters which have to do with production. This forward thinking group wanted to create a forum where information could be channeled and ideas could be exchanged. In less than a year, TAPPI was born and almost 98 years later, their formula for success continues to work. 

NACE Rev. 2 - Statistical classification of economic activities

NACE is the acronym used to designate the various statistical classifications of economic activities developed since 1970 in the European Union (EU). NACE provides the framework for collecting and presenting a large range of statistical data according to economic activity in the fields of economic statistics (e.g. production, employment, national accounts) and in other statistical domains.
Statistics produced on the basis of NACE are comparable at European and, in general, at world level. The use of NACE is mandatory within the European statistical system. 


All the countries of the world always at your fingertips! A series of fact sheets providing a fast abd reliable access to major data for each country.